Custom Sewing for the Home

Soft Furnishings


Soft Furnishings


Pillows And Cushions
Our custom-made pillows are available in any size, shape or style. We furnish inserts in down, down and feather or essence of down (a synthetic substitute for outdoor use or those who have allergies.) Cushion forms are available in any combination of high density foam, spring insert, down and feather filling or wrap, and Dacron filling or wrap.



Bed And Table Linens
All bed and table linens are custom-made to fit your bed, comforters, pillows and tables, with any details desired. We also supply the finest of comforters and pillow inserts for your convenience.


As a designer, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Michelle and MRV for well over a decade. I simply can’t say enough about Michelle’s abilities to execute the forever variable things my clients are hoping to achieve. I frequently “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to tasks I ask of Michelle, and every time, without fail, she and her staff translate my thoughts into exceptionally detailed realities. My clients expect the best, So for me there’s no better way of providing that than by using MRV.
— Keith Musinski, Equilibrium Architecture & Interior Design, Beverly MA